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Easy-to-use resizer Easy-to-use resizer

Our tool can resize your image dimensions in one click without any hassles or complications.

Ensuring data safetyEnsuring data safety

We resize your image on a cloud server where the file is automatically deleted after some time.

Works everywhereWorks everywhere

Your image resizing can be done by our tool on all platforms, devices and operating systems.

One-click resizing One-click resizing

Our tool can change your image dimensions in three easy steps. Just upload, wait and download.

Perfect resizing, alwaysPerfect resizing, always

You can resize your images as per your preference and requirements using our tool.

Download-free toolDownload-free tool

Our tool works on cloud server and does not ask you to download/install any software.


How to resize your images:

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    Our tool can resize your images according to your required dimensions without tampering the quality of the image. Here is how to do it-

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    Drag and drop your images from your device or cloud storage

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    Enter the desired specification/dimensions and click ‘Resize’

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    Congrats! Your file is ready for download.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I resize my image to a specific size with TheImageKIT?

    To resize an image whether smaller or bigger, you can easily do so by uploading the image to the website of TheImageKIT. Follow the below steps to complete the process:- Step 1: Click on the link Step 2: Drop or upload the image file that you want to resize Step 3: Now mark the option to resize by pixel or resize by percentage Step 4: Select the pixel ratio or percentage to which extent you want to resize the image Step 5: Now, download or share the resized image

  • How safe is my image file on your server?

    When you are using TheImageKIT, you must get assured of the safety and privacy of your file. Our server automatically deletes the file once you download or image the processed file. Hence, there is no issue to worry about when you are using this tool to convert or process your file properly. In any case, we won’t share your data with anyone.

  • Can I resize any image file with TheImageKIT?

    Yes, you can resize any image file with JPG or PNG format using this tool. We at TheImageKIT process all the image files using our tool. You have to upload the file that you want to resize and select the size that you want to resize the image. Within an instant, you will get the file properly resized.

  • Is it a time-taking process to resize the image file?

    We have designed a superbly fast server that processes the image files within the seconds. There is no waiting zone and users enjoy the quickest and seamless process on our server. We are committed to saving your precious time. That is why; it’s never going to be more than a matter of five seconds.

  • What about the image quality after resizing it?

    TheImageKIT is a highly advanced tool that processes the files properly while ensuring the quality of the images. No matter to which size you resize the image using this tool your image will open properly and be visible. Hence, quality is never an issue with us.

  • Can this tool provide the minimum size of the image along with good quality?

    Yes, with the online image processor, TheImageKIT, you can easily get the minimum size of the image along with the quality assurance. The tool has been developed with advanced techniques to deliver a seamless experience to the users. You can make your image smaller by 25% of the original size along with the quality maintenance of the image.

  • How to make an image bigger using an online tool?

    To make an image bigger, you can use an online tool like TheImageKIT. This tool can enlarge your image file up to 150% bigger without any quality compromise. There will be no distortion in the image and it will not become hazy after enlarging or zooming.

  • Which is the best image resizer tool online?

    TheImageKIT is the best image resizer tool online. This tool is equipped and designed following the advanced image metrics; hence users do not have to worry about anything. This tool processes the file properly to deliver a seamless experience to the users. Using this tool, you can have a hassle-free experience to resize the image.

  • Will I be able to resize the JPG or PNG image files using my smartphone?

    With an independent browser-based tool, you can resize the JPG or PNG image files using your smartphone/tablet/desktop/laptop. The tool is an independent one and there is no platform dependency. Without any specific system, device, browser, or operating system dependency; you can resize the image with a smartphone.

  • Does this tool assure me regarding the privacy of the image file I process on this server?

    TheImageKIT ensures users complete privacy maintenance. Whenever you upload or drop an image file on this tool, it will never get shared with anyone. There is no third party interference on our server. You will rest assured of the image privacy at each point of uploading and resizing the image file using our tool.

  • Which is the best browser-based image resizer?

    TheImageKIT is a browser-based tool that does not require any browser, device, software, app, or operating system. With this best processor, you can easily get the ever best-resizing experience. It will save you time and you will love this hassle-free experience, not to be found anywhere else.

  • How can I use this tool for my online activities?

    For several purposes, you need to resize the images. Online presence requires images in different sizes from the banner, product images, or social media creative posts. For all of these activities and much more, you need to resize the images to the fixed pixel ratios of different sizes. And this tool makes it seamless and an interactive process for all the users.

  • If I use TheImageKIT, will it require any third party application or software to enhance the quality after resizing?

    No, TheImageKIT is in itself a full-fledged developed platform to make sure that no user has any dependency. You never have to get dependent on any third-party application or software. With this browser-based tool, you never have to be dependent on any application/software. You can enjoy this authentic process over this tool.

  • Can I download/share the resized image file immediately?

    Yes, as soon as you resize the file using our tool, you can download/share the file instantly. You never have to worry about the process to download or share the file. And there will be no credentials required for register/login when downloading or sharing the file from our server.

  • How do I resize an image without losing transparency?

    To resize images without losing transparency, you need to use the best online tool. A tool like TheImageKIT helps you get the best quality of the resized image in the desired size. There will be no transparency loss when using this tool. Access this online tool, to resize the image with good quality.