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Cross-platform usageCross-platform usage

Web browser-based image splitter available for different devices and platforms whether it is an Apple iPhone, Android smartphone or Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, tablet and laptop it works smoothly across all platforms without any latency

Easy to use and fast conversionEasy to use and fast conversion

The easy to use and simple interface lets you quickly upload an image and split it within a few seconds. The image splitting takes place on fast servers by using advanced technology and methods.

100% reliable and trustworthy100% reliable and trustworthy

Do not worry about the privacy and security as all the uploaded images get permanently deleted one hour after the image splitting. Furthermore, SSL encryption is used to safely transfer the image file to the secured servers and the processing is done in the clouds.

Split Images with Zero quality lossSplit Images with Zero quality loss

Instantly split any image without losing original quality or richness. A dedicated image splitter tool perfectly maintains the quality of the original image.

Image Splitting without any installationImage Splitting without any installation

Instantly split any image without downloading any app or tool as our smart image splitter uses one of the most advanced and secure servers to process images on the clouds.

Completely free to useCompletely free to use

Split your images for FREE without any restrictions or providing any personal details. Just drag and drop the image from the device or by using cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and split the image as per choice.


How to Split Image Online

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    You can cut a large image into a grid of smaller photos by using this exceptionally fast tool that can split any type of images in a few seconds only. All you have to do is open any browser on your smartphone or laptop of any brand and OS, then visit our online tool to upload an image and follow THREE step image split process

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    Step 1: Upload the image either from your device storage or cloud storages like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive or Dropbox

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    Step 2: Once the image is uploaded select the grid size (3 x 3 or 2 x 2) to choose how many columns and rows you want the image to be split into

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    Step 3: Congrats! Your split image is ready for download that you can directly save on your device storage


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use TheImageKIT to split images?

    It is one of the best free online image splitters that takes only a few seconds to securely split images without any hassle without any installations and app downloads. All you need is a compatible device with a stable internet connection to use it anywhere anytime.

  • If I split the image then will it affect the original quality?

    We use advance technology and server to make sure there is no quality loss and you do not need to worry about losing quality as everything is done online without any human intervention

  • What if I want to use the split image again in the future?

    To provide complete security to the user, our system does not keep the uploaded image file for more than one hour. You cannot retrieve the uploaded file once you have done the image splitting and downloaded the image file as it automatically gets deleted to ensure complete privacy.

  • Which image format does this online tool allow splitting?

    You can split any type of image format by using our online tool without any lag or issues as it is designed in such a way so that you can instantly split almost all types of images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, etc. without facing any issues from different devices.

  • Can I cut the image into multiple pieces on a Mac, Windows or Smartphone?

    This online tool has a universal nature which means that you can use it on almost all modern devices like Android smartphone, Apple iPhone, Computer, PC, laptop, tablet of any latest operating system such as Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.

  • How much do I need to pay to split images using this image splitter online tool?

    As mentioned above you can use our image splitter any number of times for FREE without paying even a single penny. Unlike other image splitters, we never ask you to pay money after splitting a few images. However, to make it more convenient for the user there is also no need to provide any personal information or signup to use this online tool.

  • How do I download this Image splitter?

    This online image splitter is neither an app nor an extension but a simple browser-based online image tool that can be used on any latest browser on almost all the latest devices without any installation required. It is one of the simplest image splitters with an easy interface that you can open in any browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

  • How much time does it take to split images for Instagram?

    With this online image splitting tool, it is hardly a matter of a few seconds if you have a stable internet connection to upload the image using the browser. One of the most advanced servers and fast online support can split images within a few seconds then you can upload them on Instagram without waiting for too long.

  • I want to split private images. How does it take care of privacy and data security?

    It is not just the simplest online image splitter but also the safest online tool that maintains higher privacy levels. It is our 100% guarantee that your data will not be shared anywhere or kept for later use and you can completely rely on us to smoothly upload images in a secured environment. The image file uploaded by you is securely transferred using SSL encryption on the trusted servers which automatically deletes not just the uploaded but also split image.

  • Why should I split images into pieces?

    Image splitting is a unique way to slice a large image into a smaller one so that it can be uploaded quickly and reduce the loading time of the site or profile page. Usually, image splitting is used to focus on one part of the large image.

  • In how many pieces I can cut a large image using this tool?

    With this online image splitter, you can effortlessly cut an image in 9 or 4 equal parts by using the 3 x3 or 2 x 2 Grid options.

  • Can I again split the same picture into pieces?

    Of course, you can split the same image as many times as you want because there are no restrictions for using our tool.

  • How many times can I download the split image?

    You can download the split as many times as you wish, till the time you are staying on the download page. If you have mistakenly deleted the downloaded image and also closed the tab then there is nothing to worry about as you can again upload the image and get the new one.