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Easy Image cropping Easy Image cropping

Crop your image easily using our tool by defining in a rectangle in pixels. It’s easy as well as fast.

Privacy policyPrivacy policy

Our tool works on cloud server and does not save your image while cropping it. We assure you.

Multi-platform toolMulti-platform tool

You can crop your image using our tool on any device, platform or operating system.

Tech-free croppingTech-free cropping

You don’t need to have any tech knowledge for cropping images using our tool. It’s child’s play.

Accurate alwaysAccurate always

You can crop your image as accurately as possible by drawing a rectangle in pixels. That’s it.

No registration neededNo registration needed

You don’t need to login or register for using our tool to crop images. It’s totally free to use.


How to crop your images:

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    Our tool can crop your images as per your requirement. Just draw the rectangle in pixels and crop the image without distorting the quality. Here’s how to do it-

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    Drag and drop your images from your device or cloud storage

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    Draw the rectangle in pixels and click ‘Crop’

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    Congrats! Your file is ready for download.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to crop an image using TheImageKIT?

    Cropping an image using TheImageKIT tool is like child play. You just need to connect your device with an Internet connection. Then follow the given steps:

    a. Upload the image file you want to crop.

    b. Once your image is loaded, you can select the cropping area of the image by dragging the crop area or by specifying a custom size such as width, height, and position of the image.

    c. Afterward, click on the "Crop Image" option.

    d. Now, your cropped image file is ready to download or share

  • Should I store the source image file in my device before cropping it?

    Yes, you can, but this is not compulsory. You can upload a source image file for cropping either from the storage of your device or from the cloud server such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. The multi-option image uploading feature has made this platform more powerful and user-oriented.

  • Can I share my cropped images on cloud servers also?

    We empower users to store cropped images on cloud servers as well whether it is Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. This amazing option also facilitates our users to access their cropped images round the clock without any restriction.

  • What image cropping options I will get with TheImageKIT online tool?

    TheImageKIT online tool offers two options for cropping the uploaded image.

    1. Custom Size Cropping: Select a specific area of the uploaded image which you want to crop using the rectangle pixels.

    2. Aspect Ratio Cropping: Fill the required value like width, height, and position of the uploaded image to get the desired size of the cropped image.

  • Can I Share the cropped image directly with our family and friends without saving it on my device?

    If you are satisfied with cropping the image, then you can directly share it with your family and friends. TheImageKIT online tool is developed with wonderful features. It allows you to share the cropped image directly with others by sharing the document link or email address within seconds.

  • Are my uploaded images safe on TheImageKIT online cropping tool?

    We understand the meaning of security. TheImageKIT online cropping tool works on a cloud server. We never store your image files while cropping it. Being a reputed service provider, we always prioritise the user’s privacy. That’s why we made our server system in such a way it removes the user’s file automatically after downloading the cropped image by users at an instant. Additionally, we never claim any rights on the images uploaded, cropped, and stored from our tool.

  • Is TheImageKIT multi-platform supported online cropping tool?

    TheImageKIT is a multiplatform supported tool. We understand the need for cropping images in this digital world. People love to use tools that can be used anytime, anywhere. So, we value the user’s need and make it a multiplatform supported image cropping solution. You just need to take a load of internet connectivity to your device. It does not matter whether you have a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, you can enjoy the best features of TheImageKIT online cropping tool in a user-friendly manner.

  • I don’t have sufficient knowledge of browsing the Internet. Can I crop the image using this tool?

    Yes, you can. This tool is developed for all, not only for internet experts. There is no hidden science in getting the cropped image with TheImageKIT online tool. You just need to hit this URL in the browser of your device and you will get a "crop image online" option in front of you. Afterward, upload or drop your image file and choose the desired area and crop the image instantly.

  • How can I get a lightweight cropped image using this tool?

    We understand the importance of different image processing and editing needs and therefore TheImageKIT, an online cropping tool is developed after the extensive research of IT professionals. We use a supercharged server, delicate website framework and coding structure to ensure the output of a light-weight cropped image.

  • Shall I need to register first at TheImageKIT online tool in order to crop the images?

    TheImageKIT online cropping tool is considered as the best online solution for cropping the images at an instant. Our first priority is to provide services to our users in the minimum time. At our platform, you can easily crop the images without getting the pain of user registration. Our motto is to provide services, not increase the count of the user's registration. So, come to our site round the clock and crop images on the go.

  • Can I crop only Image format files using this tool or it also supports in cropping doc or PDF files?

    TheImageKIT online cropping tool is reserved for image files only. It works superbly if you upload image file formats to crop. It would not support PDF and doc format files. Our easy image cropping mechanism enables you to crop and store images on local devices as well as cloud servers.

  • How can I make my image fit for each social media platform with the online image cropping tool?

    TheImageKIT online cropping tool can crop your specific images to fit every platform. From the Facebook cover to Twitter profile, your image should be perfectly fit, and clear. You must ensure that your profile image meets the right dimension of each platform. Luckily, TheImageKIT online cropping tool helps you amazingly to maintain aspect ratios for each social media platform.

  • Which types of image files can be cropped using TheImageKIT?

    You can crop JPG or PNG files using this online tool TheImageKIT. All sorts of JPG or PNG files whether smaller or bigger can be easily cropped using this online tool. There is no quality compromise with the image files even after cropping them to the selected area.

  • What are some extraordinary benefits of this online cropping tool?

    This tool is made after the observation of various online image cropping tools. Here are some considerable benefits of this tool:

    1. Easy to go image cropping feature

    2. No need to install any extension or app

    3. Compatible with every browser, operating system, and device

    4. Highly secure

    5. Connected with cloud server

  • Is there any quality risk while cropping an image online?

    Yes, there might be some risk, if you don’t use an authentic online image cropping tool. To get the best quality cropped image, you should always go with a user-oriented online image cropping tool. TheImageKIT online cropping tool is completely safe concerning security and quality. The image cropping mechanism of this tool is developed with wonderful features. The professionally developed image cropping features of TheImageKIT ensure the best quality cropped image experience for all the users.