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One-click compressionOne-click compression

We optimize your images in a click & make it easy to share, save without altering file quality.

Your data is safeYour data is safe

We compress your images on a secure cloud server and delete it once you download it.

Platform neutral Platform neutral

Our tool works on all platforms and optimizes your images on all devices and OS.

Easiest processEasiest process

It’s easy to compress your images with our tool. It takes only seconds to process your file.

Best quality, ensuredBest quality, ensured

Our tool performs compression operation without hampering the image quality or colours.

No downloads neededNo downloads needed

You don’t need to log in or download or install any software/app to compress your images.


How to compress your images

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    It is easy to compress your image using our tool. Follow this three-step process to convert your images in any format-

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    Upload your images from your device or cloud storage.

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    Wait for a moment while your file gets compressed

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    Congrats! Your file is ready for download.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which file formats can I compress using this tool?

    You can compress all the image files using this tool. TheImageKIT supports all the image files in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. You can easily upload the image file that you want to convert and compress them with no interference. You don’t have to worry about the image format. Just upload any image file and get the same compressed easily.

  • Are uploaded image files removed from your server?

    Yes, we at TheImageKIT delete the file automatically once you compress the image using our tool. We do not store the same. We have designed our server system in such a way to automatically delete the file once the user downloads it from the server. It is an added layer of privacy maintenance.

  • How can I compress an image online for free?

    Compressing your image online for free requires nothing but a device connected to an internet connection. Follow the below simple procedures to complete the process – Step 1: Open the website Step 2: Upload the image file Step 3: Once the uploading gets completed, you can now download, save, or share the file as desired.

  • Can I browse other tabs while uploading the file?

    Yes, there is no such restriction. You can easily upload the file and browse other tabs simultaneously. In no case file uploading and compressing process will get hindered at any point in time. You can do other tasks mid between the image file gets processed.

  • How much time does it take to compress the image?

    It takes not more than five seconds to compress an image file. You never have to keep waiting for the image to get processed. This quickest process makes TheImageKIT, the most popular platform for image processing.

  • What is the need of optimizing images for sharing?

    Image optimization is required to make any webpage load faster and smoother. The reduced size of the image makes it lighter to share. Users also save internet data and time to download the file. This optimization is possible with image file compression. Using the best tool online, you can optimize all the images properly to make it internet-friendly.

  • If I use TheImageKIT, do I need to optimize and resize my images with Photoshop?

    No, when you are using TheImageKIT, it won’t require optimizing and resizing the same using Photoshop. TheImageKIT is a highly advanced tool that makes sure to process the images carefully. There is no hassle to optimize and resize the image again with other tools when you are using this dedicated image processing tool online.

  • Will the image quality be lost after compression?

    No, we at TheImageKIT completely ensure to take care of the image quality. During compression, there is no compromise with the quality of the image. The online image compressor processes the file to the best possible image size so that the original quality of the image is maintained properly.

  • Can I get the minimum size while maintaining the quality of the image?

    Yes, with the online image compressor TheImageKIT, you can easily get the minimum size of the image along with the quality assurance. The tool has been developed with advanced techniques to deliver a seamless experience to the users. You will rest assured of getting the best lightweight image file using our online image processing tool.

  • How to get the best compression and quality for the smallest file size?

    To get the best compression and quality of the smallest file size, you need to use an online tool. A tool like TheImageKIT helps you to get the finest compression quality along with the smallest file size.

  • Which is the best image compressor?

    A tool is considered as the best image compressor when it can compress the file in minimum steps with the smallest size possible along with no quality loss. It helps the users in optimizing the image files properly. For all these things, TheImageKIT is considered as the best online image compressor which is platform-independent and completely fast and secure.

  • Can I compress the JPG or PNG image files using my smartphone?

    Yes, you can do so with a browser-based converter which is not dependent on any third-party apps or software. Only you need to open the website and upload the image from your phone’s gallery section and you will get the compressed file within an instant. Such a tool with amazing downloading and sharing options is TheImageKIT, through which you can easily compress all the images along with good quality.

  • Is there any privacy risk while compressing the image online?

    Yes, if you do not go for the reputed online compressor, then there might be safety or privacy concerns. And your image might get shared with any third party, making your private information get leaked easily. To avoid all these, you must select an online converter tool that is safe and secure to use with privacy assurance. Such a tool available online is TheImageKIT that is completely safe and secures to use. This tool proceeds properly with an advanced mechanism to ensure the quality, safe and secure experience for all the users.

  • Which is the best browser-based or platform-independent image compressor?

    TheImageKIT is an advanced image processing tool available online. It is a browser-based tool in which you only have to open the website rather than installing any software or tool. The tool is completely independent of any particular browser, operating system, device, or any other platform.

  • How can I improve my website speed with the online image compressor?

    Website speed improvement is an essential need from a digital marketing perspective. The faster your website loads, the more visitors you will have on your site. If it’s time taking due to heavy image files on the website, then certainly users won’t wait for it. They will leave the site at the instant. Using an online image compressor like TheImageKIT, you can easily minimize the size of images on your website without losing its original quality. It will improve your website speed to a great extent.